Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Affliction < Couture

I always new that the brand Affliction was up to no good. I mean really anyone that looks and dresses like this... 

is obviously a TOOL! and I'm guessing the person who created this look... well do I even have to explain it?

Looks like Affliction owner and King-o-douchebag Todd Beard just proved it, by threatening the wife of my hero Randy Couture. Mr. Beard went on to say "Randy, I hope Brock fucking Kills you"... WHOA!!!! big words coming from someone who makes T-shirts for guys who have to overcompensate for their obvious tiny packages and low self esteem, and I'm sure Mr. Affliction practices what he preaches. There is only one that comes to mind when the Couture brand Affliction comes up....can you say Bonaduce?

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  1. Yah Chuck Liddell started the company.. the wrestler, duh! haha. And I'm not moving! I refuse! No vacancy! Oh and I bet the pick up artist is getting his groove on right now! haha hilarious.


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