Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seths are good at Halloween.

I've noticed that ALL Seths are funny ass people. Seth Green, Seth Rogan, Seth McFarlane, Seth Cameron aka HeyThereSeth etc....

Well, I have another Seth to add to the funny list. I was completely aware that MMA fighter and fellow Seth, Seth Petruzelli, kicks ass but was completely baffled when I heard he was a funny man as well. You probably won't recognize him, but here he is on the left (your left not his, stupid) dressed up for Halloween as Kimbo Slice. Yes, the same chump he whooped last month.

I'm not sure who the TOOL is next to him, but he looks pretty excited to get a picture humping Seth's leg... OR maybe he is excited to get a picture humping Kimbo's leg. Either way Seth's costume tops Heidi Klum's any day. It's how a Seth rolls.
Seth Cameron

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