Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh this is normal.

Does anyone know the address to send comments/recommendations to the NHL?

I am sure that I have a new business development idea for them that is worth millions... Can you imagine? They should just have a random bear- skating or not- go around and try eat/fight/mangle/pretty much do whatever the bear wants to do- all while the hockey game is going on. How great would the highlights be?

This is just the thing I think the NHL is in need of to make sure that their ratings skyrocket. They really need something like this to fix their image. I mean after showing their softer/ feminine side by suspending Sean Avery for talking shit (lame), I guess they can start showing hockey games on Bravo or Oxygen now. I propose that all coaches should encourage fighting, and who better to fight with than an Ice-Skating, 9ft tall Grizzly bear? Suh-Weet!

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