Saturday, February 28, 2009

Graf and Tats in 5th Grade.

My Art teacher in 5th grade sucked! Hardly spoke english, and completely hindered my artistic ability. We were only allowed to do flowers and fruit bowls...there was definitely no graffiti or tattoos allowed during my catholic education. I was def put in the back of the class for my art work of mutilated pets and paintings portraying my art teacher as a monstrous hooker on crack...I for sure deserved an A+ for accuracy.

This little one's wall art is better than most of the shit you see driving through LA, and her tat work is laughably better than some I know. lol.

Unfortunately I didn't discover this, my boy Skeet Skeet has it on his B-L-O-G too, but I thought it was worth a re-blog.

(There are more pictures after the jump)

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