Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just a little spring cleaning

We went through all of the stuff in our closets today, and I never realized how many weapons of mass destruction that I have stashed throughout my home. Break into my house? Not the best idea when Mista Seth's packin' a marshmallow gun, Bitch!

(Please remember that I have a 5yr old DAUGHTER, not son. These gems are ALL mine.Plus, all of these were purchased by my lovely Mother-n-law. Fancy that?)

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  1. hey there seth... neenee here, thanks for the props, i need to be sure that my girls are the way, i don't see any brass knuckles in the pics!!!! those are not gifts from neeners.. i'm just waiting for the call from lapd saying that alex is in jail for having rhinestone studded brass knuckles in her car... thanks seth!!!!


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