Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here is a quote from Kim Kardashian claiming that her ass is not a 2XL, and that she is "curvy", but NOT a plus-sized woman....

I am a huge fan of Forever 21 and I'm very happy they have expanded their line to include a plus-size range, but I am not in that size category and this article makes it sound like I am! I am a curvy girl and I love my curves, but curvy and plus-sized are two very different things. I work really hard to maintain my curves while staying slim and healthy, so to be classed as a "fuller-figured woman" of extra large proportions is a little offensive."

Oh really, Kim? from looking at the picture above you look like you are trying to smuggle a workout ball out of the gym in your spandex. I mean I can hear her pants SCREAMING at the world..."MAKE HER STOP!!!" Everything in that picture is 2XL. The pants, the ass, the purse, the corn rows are BIG and so is the girl. Things seem to come in pairs and it's no different with confusion- Kim thinks she is a size 2 and she also thinks she she is a "bootyful black woman"- both of which are false. Kim K. = FAIL

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