Saturday, May 2, 2009

An AMAZING thing happened yesterday...

I am on vacation right now, since Thursday April 30th through tomorrow May 3rd I've been in the gloomy town of Chicago for my brother's Navy boot camp graduation (I'm so proud of you Sinjin), and while he was on liberty what else is there to other than GO TO THE CITY!! The Chicago Apple store caught his eye so we headed over so he could check out applicants for his new laptop. While we were there we decided to change every laptop and most of the desktop's Safari home page to and Wow Wow Wee Woo!!!! OMG! I'm not going to lie I ussually only get about 10 viewers a day, but yesterday...heythereseth's biggest day every received an astonishing 116 views yesterday. Big ups to the Chi-town...ya'll know how to get down!

THANK YOU!!! lol

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