Monday, May 4, 2009

Sights and well...sights of Chicago

Here are some impromptu BlackBerry camera-phone pics of some of the fun we had in Chicago. I have a shit load more, but they are on my if you want to see them be my friend, Sucka!

To start off, here is a real winner with a failing attempt to fend off, the current google-search champion, swine flu. --FAIL!

Here is the reason we left the comfortable weather of our sunny LA for cold windy crapiness. I swear my brother doesn't have an ounce of asian in him, but every person wearing these GD awful glasses (Navy issued) looked like a he was a Jackie Chan relative. He graduated from Navy boot camp, and we are so proud of him. (Sorry about the pic, bro. lol)

First thing we did after we picked up my brother from boot camp was take him to a decent meal. My brother said the food was "Great!" at boot camp, but I call bullshikaka!! When you are hungry...I mean really hungry...only one thing to order...a Motherfucking 8 POUND burger. No, you read right 8 POUNDS, not ounces. We tried, but failed at finishing it off...with 5 people picking at it.

The next day we went down to Wrigly field, even though I hate baseball this place really was a sight to see. Chicago locals must really be into men standing around waiting for a ball to come to them because the surrounding area was all "Cub'd out". All I saw was blue and red. This picture wasn't taken because I am any way a fan of baseball or the Cubs, but because if you notice the then current ad on the board, we hadn't eaten yet. ha!

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  1. yay! for Chicago & Sinjin (and his glasses) and for the man in the swine flu mask and the gigantic burger and the baseball u!


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