Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who approved this?

Last weekend (yes, I know, I should of posted this earlier in the week) I was on the 405 driving...well I guess I was stop-and-going, and in the distance I saw this japanese monstrosity.

This was obviously a concept car that was never supposed to be put into production. I'm sure the person who checked the "approve" box was fired, sued and hung by his balls, because this is just embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for Nissan, Japan, and especially the person who purchased this lopsided mess. I do want to applaud the Nissan car salesman who was able to sell this hot-mess to some poor soul. What do you think he used as selling points? "Oh, it's really....square? and has a window that goes around the driver-side of the car, but....not the left." Was he really able to say this was a good looking car, and with a straight face? I wonder if when the customer came to the dealership and said that he or she was interested in the Cube, if the Salesperson LOL'd. I'm pretty sure I would just tell them that they are dumb and to just ride a bike. Or, if they were ugly I would tell them that "the Cube definitely fits you, ugly people and ugly cars go well together." But that's just me...Nissan makes this and GM is the one going out of business? Something is definitely wrong with this world.

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