Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last Weekend-A 4-Day Weekend!

Last weekend was a 4-day weekend for the Cameron family. How awesome are days off work when everyone else is stuck in traffic and/or working?! It makes it all the better knowing that we're having more fun than You. :)

We tried to pack as much FUN as we could into those four days....and fun we had.

Thursday: Disneyland and California Adventure
Friday: Bike riding (with a new bike)
Saturday: Paint at Simply Ceramics, fun in the fountain and American Girl Doll Place
Sunday: Swimming, shopping and MORE bike riding.

We probably took a couple hundred pictures, but here are some highlights

Here she is DJing in the backseat of the car...Friki Friki Fresh!

Everyone who worked at D-Land HAD to wish Miss Kenz a happy birthday. We had lunch with the Disney Princesses (they've got nothing on MacKenzie) and they sang happy birthday to her. The birthday cake was a little weak though, don't you think?

Waiting in line is not the Birthday Girl's strong point.

So, I had to carry her.

She didn't get the darn thing out.

The new bike...SWEET new bike!

The birthday song never ends. (She asked for the Whole Foods fruit tart. She didn't eat a bite.)

Fun with friends.

Dancin' in the rain.

Her new baby.

And just because he wanted to say Hi! Archi-BALD

What a GREAT weekend!!!

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