Friday, August 28, 2009

Been Pretty Lame...

Been a while, AND the posts that I have been posting have been...well, a little lame. Links, videos and more videos....

I really haven't posted any of the funny ass things I've seen or done, and let me tell YOU! I've seen and done some pretty HI-larious things the past few weeks. Of course, I have no pics to prove this. So....back to the videos...

There is a reason for this video. I need to make a shout-out to my girl Katie S. this goes out to you...since you do THE BEST impression of Mr. Jaeger Bomb.

Jaeger BOMBS! I Fuckin' shower in that shit! lol!

This also goes out to Mista Jordy (you know you talk like this when you are out on the "shore" club scene all tanned out, Mista Jordy)

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