Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Day Late

How was your weekend? Mine was good, but should of been better!

Friday night, we went back to my new favorite restaurant in Westlake Village, Fox Sports Grill. We had the Blue Cheese Chips, is your mouth watering? It should be. Saturday we took Kenz to her Sat. dance class in the AM. Then that evening, we were supposed to go see Jo Koy, but my sister-in-law dropped a TV on her foot. I felt like I was in a bad sitcom. Dropped a TV on her foot? Really? Who does that? So, our babysitter, @neeneespaulding, my mother-in-law had to rush over to rescue her and take her to the ER. In the end we missed the show, so all I had was this to get my Jo Koy fix in...

I laughed...a lot, but it wasn't the same :(

BM promised to take me to his show next time he is in town.

Speaking of funny videos, I had this vid to watch, which made my Saturday evening a bit better...

Sunday was my daughter's dance company's picnic. We had an absolute blast. I was put on BBQ duty...NO! I didn't burn anything down, and NO! no one got burned! WooHoo!!!

Just in case you haven't seem my daughter's skills, here's a video of her from a couple of months ago, dancin'. I think she did this the weekend after MJ died, rest his soul, hence the music choice.

Moonwalkin' Kenz from HeyThereSeth! on Vimeo.

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