Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eye Candy

These are just a couple of LOL pictures that are available for your viewing pleasure at

This is quite possibly the greatest website ever. A full length documentary should be filmed on the cretins that roam the aisles of local Wal-Marts. I think everyone can relate because no matter what Wal-Mart you decide to risk your health and well being at, you can guarantee two things A) you WILL need hand-sanitizer and B) you WILL be offended at some point by the sight of one variation or another of the priceless images archived at . Sadly, I was only introduced to this library of class yesterday so there is quite the catch up to be played... I need to send out a big THANK YOU to @RobDyrdek on twitter for the tip. (Also, don't forget to follow me as well) You would think that the pictures I posted are the top pictures, on the contrary, there was no need to pick because EVERY ONE is just as good as the last...seriously!!

Check it out for yourself and you can thank me later.

I added a bunch of my favorites after the JUMP...

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