Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yelp: Red Robin

I've been to Red Robins all over, even out of state. Their food isn't bad necessarily, although I do feel the phrase "Gourmet Burgers" is used quite loosely. Whoever knighted them with that title shouldn't be shot, but they should definitely get out more. I've never had a bad experience, aside from their mediocrity....until now. Last night we dined at this particular location and I have never been so furious with a server as I was this evening. Our entire party had just finished requesting ranch dressing, 5 total, and as the waitress was retreating to the kitchen my 6yr old daughter said "excuse me, can I have some ranch?", and the server responded "you obviously weren't listening....yes, I'll get you some ranch". I was like WTF!? When she came back, I let her have it. Let's put it this way, I don't think I'm too welcome at the Simi Valley Red Robin. So, if you happen to make it out to Simi, skip the overpriced, sub-par "gourmet burger" and move up in the burger scale to In-N-Out. You can thank me later, by sending me the extra cash that you saved. Happy dinning.

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