Monday, November 2, 2009

Yabba Dabba Doooooo!

I thought it might be cool to list one of those clever but oh-so-played out versions of those Visa commercials where I list the prices of things, and in the end it's "priceless". I had a long day and am tired as hell (well, lazy as hell) and I don't want to do any sort of thinking about numbers, prices or priceless- for the matter. So, I'll just say all three costumes cost around $ all of the Halloween stores out there- Suck it! I'm pretty much a pro on the sewing maching by now....

Halloween was quite the adventure. Not the trick-or-treating part, although great, it was the after-party dinner that we had at Bob's Big Boy that made the night oh so special.

We started out trick-or-treating in my old neighborhood of N. Hollyhood. We made the trek because every other house is owned by a director or special effects guy and every house is all decked out the the max. Plus, they give out KING size candies, lol. My mom and sisters met us to get in on the action. After Kenz and my sisters filled up their bags with candy, we headed over to Bob's.

Here are the three of them sitting in the booth at BBB.

We sat, and waited for our waitress, who seemed to be some sort of Asian whose name happened to be Noo. Apparantly you do NOT have to speak a bit of English to be a waitress, because this was the conversation that was had during the ordering of our dinner.

Noo: whatchoo guys want fo dinna?

Mom: this one (points at my first sister) would like soup, vegetable soup. then she (points at second sister) would like spaghetti with marinara sauce, but NO cheese.

Noo: you want a Dewty Bear?

Mom: what? no, spaghetti with marinara, no cheese, please.

Noo: you want egg on that?

Kenz: Noooooo!!!!!!!

Mom: egg? no, she wants spaghetti!

Noo: what? lemme stat ova. okay, what dat boy want (points at my sister)?

Mom: ugh! SHE!!! would like spaghetti!

Noo: okay, Dewty Bear.

Amanda: hahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!! (loudly)

Mom: OMG! this is ridiculous. she wants spaghetti, no cheese.

Kenz: her name is Nooooooo, Mommy!


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  1. LOVE IT!!!!! I'm hoping to meet Noo soon. Yabba Dabba Doo.Love NeeNee


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