Monday, December 14, 2009


How amazing is this? Gotta love free art.

"If you passed through Grange Park during the wee hours of a chilly night in late November, you might have noticed interdisciplinary artist Sean Martindale quietly installing his latest outdoor art piece. Viewed from the side, the structure looks like a forty-four-foot-long stringed instrument, but from the front, it clearly spells one evocative word: FREE. After seeing several of his "guerilla gardening" installations, this one seems less straightforward—more mysterious. To quell our curiosity, we asked him how this piece came to be and what it all means."

I mean who really cares what "the meaning" of this piece really is? (which is why I didn't bother posting Sean's answer) It's free, it's SO cool, and it being mysterious makes it that much more awesome!

(if you must, you can catch the rest of the article and Sean's answer here

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