Saturday, December 19, 2009

Great Parenting

Maybe, this is a normal occurrence in those parts, because I'm not sure how any of the newscasters OR the mother weren't laughing. Momma even makes an excuse, like he does this all the time. "oh, well him daddy in jail, he want to be der too" WTF!?!? Mr. Hayden is an idol and someone to look up to. He is a go getter and when he sees something he wants, like a Bud-Light, he goes out and gets it! He probably asked Santa for the Bud and dress, and when Santa told him "uh, no" he probably said to himself "gack nabit, i'm gone get me some bUd and dat doo doo brown dress! dat lil girl nex door already have one" (and that's sober).

Can you imagine the look on the neighbors face when 4yr old little Hayden shows up in a their daughter's dress and Pappy's Bud? At least he is helping with child obesity and chose the light.

Merry Christmas, Hayden!

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