Thursday, December 3, 2009

Highlight of the week.

If you are not completely excited for Mtv's new show, Jersey Show, then, well, you are a complete idiot, and I hate you. The pic above isn't necessarily from the show, but it pretty much sums up the tools that are on the show. I haven't even the show yet, but I'll just assume that the people on the show are as douche-y or douche-ier than the ones featured in the pic above.

Is this just going to be a two-hour long co-promoted commercial for Ed Hardy, Affliction and Rhinestones? Or, will this be a way for the brilliant editors at Mtv to edit their footage into a masterpiece for us to laugh at for the next few years. Either way, hopefully the Ed Hardy and Affliction wearers around the world will see this show and see how "great" they all look in their tight jeans, tight shirts, pointy shoes covered in stitching and rhinestones and understand why we call them all "Tools." Probably not, we aren't that lucky...

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