Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yelp: Orochon Ramen

Los Angeles loves themselves some reality TV! I heard at least a dozen people mention Man vs. Food, which is what gave me the idea to come here. When we showed up at ... the food court? I was a little taken back because camera angles and editing sure make the place out to look a lot different. There were lots of japanese female customers with a lot of non-japanese male customers. The creepy guys with asian fetishes really seem to flock to this place, I was creeped out. It was like an asian rodeo, and these guys were there to wrangle up an unsuspecting japanese girl, awk-WARD!

My 6yr old really wanted her daddy to get his picture on the wall, but although my pride was saying "Do it, Do it!", my stomach was saying "FU, get the mild!!!!" I chose to swallow my pride rather than the "brewing hell" they called Special #2.

"2 bowls of mild, please"

The ramen was good, tasty and they had HUGE portions, but it was the fried rice that really made our day. They should change the sign to Orochon Fried Rice! That stuff was AMAZING! On the other hand, they had canned sodas- my biggest pet peeve. I should give them 3 stars over that, but I'm in a good mood and I chose 4. We left happy and FULL - it was a good day.

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