Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Old.

It's my muthafuckin' birfday! Email me and I'll send you the address of where to send my presents. I'm now 28. 24 months from 30, but I feel like a damn 10 year old, and act like a 10yr old. It's pretty crazy that my 10yr HS reunion is going to be this year. I'm an old FUCK. Gettin old is uncontrollable (hopefully someone can fix this problem), but GROWING UP? NO WAY! Grown ups are lame and boring, and I am definitely nether of those.

Anyways, I thought since it's 2010 and everyone else is posting what happened to them in the past decade, I thought it was a perfect time to reminisce on some of the amazing things that happened in the ages of 18-28...been a crazy 10 years.

Graduated HS.
Fell in love. (Baby Mamma)
Started my own business.
Became a Daddy.
Fell in love, again. (MacKenzie)
Bought a house.
Lost my business.
Got a tattoo.
Got married.

...and everything in between. The laughs, the cries, the good times, the bad times (but mostly good), but I'll spare you. Hopefully I can add Lottery WINNER after tonight. That would be F*in epic! and you heard it hear first, Party People.

Have a great day. I will.

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