Monday, February 1, 2010

Louisiana Fried... Chinese Food?

In Hollywood over the weekend when the stomach started to grumble. Cruising down La Brea, what do I see out in the corner of my eye? LOUISIANA FRIED CHICKEN!!! (Yelp to follow) Woo mudafuckin' HOO!

B-Lined it over to the deep fryer of crisco-goodness! BM, Kenz and NeeNee (my mother-in-law) refused to partake in the deep fried festivities. They missed out! You would probably expect to see Big Mama behind the counter ready to put whatever you request into a monster-sized cauldron of reduced butter or bubbling bacon fat. Nope. She wasn't there. Maybe Aunt Jemima was on break? Vacation? Is there a LA (Louisiana, not Los Angeles) version of China town? Because to my surprise, it looked like Yao Ming has ventured into the fried chicken business. They had full on Panda Express style chinese food, WTF? I know, right? You don't believe me? Well, that's why I snapped a few pieces of evidence for you. I wouldn't want to you think I was some sort of liar....

My Lunch.

AND for some reason this was on the menu as well.

Only in Hollywood can you have your Fried Chicken WITH your Fried Rice. Mmmm Mmmmm!!!!

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