Friday, February 26, 2010

Seth goes to rehab

OH, YES! Another season of Celebrity Sober House is on it's way to save TV!!!

I guess if you are going to be on a lame show like Celebrity Sober House, you may as well be the star of the show. I know what you are thinking, being the star of Celebrity Rehab is like winning gold in the Special Olympics. BUT not when your name is Seth (Binzer), because he makes this show not only watchable, but GREAT! Yes, I'm a little biased since I love all named Seth, but watching Seth's antics gives such great joy to the world. He gives so much to society and the American viewer. Rumor is, is that in his spare time (which is not much with his constant crack smoking and singing cum cum ma' lady) he gives to the needy and sings to birds and squirrels. Not like that cocky overachiever, Dr. Drew, he brings little to the table and contributes NOTHING, as far as citizenship goes. What an A**hole.

Despite my mockery of Seth and CSH. I still love him, and this show! My Tivo is set(h)

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