Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seth Wins The Gold Medal!

If you don't know already, I love everyone named Seth. I've come to love my name, even though I hated it growing up. It's unique and just, well, KICK ASS. Everyone I've met named Seth is also cool as hell. Well, except this one time...this waiter at the T.G.I.F. in Thousand Oaks named seth...he was such a dick that I didn't even cap the 's' in his name...see what I did there?

Anyways, the pic above is of Seth Wescott, Pro Snowboarder, gold medalist and all around cool person. I mean how can he not be? His name is Seth...

I'll add him to my 'Suh-Weet Seths' section on the right. You can check him out here. OH! He has a blog too, I'll go ahead and add that to my daily reads.


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