Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gay Polo League?

I'm completely confused. Looks like the great state of Florida decided to start a gay-only Polo League. I was under the impression that Polo players were all gay, or British. Actually, come to think of it, British people are just a faction of the homosexual community. With their fruity accents and drinking tea with their pinkies out... I know they have Elizabeth as their queen, but I'm pretty sure the only Queen they bow to is Elton John.

Another milestone has been reached in the gay rights movement. The first annual Gay Polo Tournament will be held April 3 in Wellington, Fla., with four teams of four players each competing under the sponsorship of Credit Suisse. Homosexuals are apparently so new to the sport, some heteros had to be recruited. "It's a very macho sport," a rep told us. "The top four players -- one on each team-- are nongay." The rules are the same as with nongay polo, and the ponies are the same. The spokesman said, "Of course, the uniforms are a little chic-er... the balls are a little nicer, too.

Milestone? No one is stopping gays from playing this dumb sport. They can have it! Baseball, too. Macho, yup! Frolicking on My Little Pony is REAL MACHO! The only thing Polo has to do with Macho is that they play Macho Macho, Man during the game. New to the sport? Not sure about that...I swear I saw those two, tea drinking fairies, Prince William and Harry, prancing around on ponies, swingin' a shaft at a wooden ball. Yup, gay.

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