Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the infamous baby mama

so, here is what you have ALL been waiting for...a post from the infamous BM! i'll start by introducing myself and apologizing for my husband's sometimes foul postings. my name is baby mama and i am married to the lovely HTS. i love my kenzie, my family and of course, my baby daddy. i appreciate the finer things in life, such as fancy dinners, $100 sweatpants and reality TV. i am not a whole lot of fun, to be completely honest, but i promise that i will make your HTS experience more enjoyable. i am really the balance in this entire HTS thing...i proof-read, i censor my husband's inappropriate comments (or i try, at least) and i take care of all other important things.

i promise to bring you a weekly, insightful posting with a glimpse into how it is to live with HTS (let alone be married to the man). in fact, as i was typing this, HTS is over my shoulder, loudly chewing on strawberry gum...and blowing an airhorn out of our front balcony to awaken our neighbors (and their sleeping children). although he makes me crazy, HTS is the best guy in the world.

thanks for your continued patronage of my baby daddy's blog...please remember to come back often and leave him lots of comments but most importantly, please click on the ads, it pays our bills...i promise, it makes his day! :)

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  1. So I read the baby mama's first posting and I have to say it was quite enjoyable...I will be waiting for the weekly update from bm herself and most importantly I would like to inform you I clicked on every add on the page to support hts, I really hope you guys can get an upgrade on the blowhorn from the money you collect from all the ads being clicked on, perhaps the new blowhorn can play some sort of mexican tune to keep up the neighbors that live in the tortilla flats surrounding moongsong ct!!!


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