Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama's Twitter was Hacked!

Twitter is serious bizzness now a days! Some French dipshit hacked into Obama's twitter account... did nothing with it, and is now in TROU-ble. There were so many potentially great things that you could have done with Obama's twitter account. Ebonic tweets, hate on Palin, hate on Kanye, Web-promo for HTS...the list goes on and on. And now, this A**hole is gonna spend time in a French prison for for being a lame-ass. Actually, how bad could a French prison be? Well, besides everyone smelling bad... you'll probably be served French Fries and Croissants! Mmmm...damnit, now I'm hungry...

A couple of things we can learn from this. Well, some will learn, but I'm smart and already knew these things.

1.) Twitter is cool
2.) Don't mess with America.
3.) France is our Bitch.
4.) French Fries and Croissants are good.
5.) If you are going to break the law, you may as well have fun!

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