Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend was good

LA LA LA! I love LA. Best city EVER! I'm so sick of hearing people sing that stupid New York song by Jay-Z. Every time I hear some dipshit sing along, but then put in their own little 'twist' on it, and insert their own gay ass city it makes me wanna punch someone! Last one I heard was San Francisco...ummm, yeah, there is a reason why there isn't a song about SF, because it's LAME! Every time I hear that stupid song, I wanna bust out California Love or To Live and Die in LA.

That rant has absolutely nothing to do with this past weekend. I didn't hear anyone singing along to it. I wasn't in San Francisco. And in general, that song is NOT good. Just something I had to get off my chest.

Back to the weekend. We went to L.A. Live, across the street from the Staples Center, on Friday night for dinner, and to watch the Lakers whoop on the Timberwolves. 'We', are BM, Kenz, my sister Alex, and myself...HTS crew. There was a ton of stuff going on there. Most were lame. KIIS FM was there, gay. So was an educational HD TV station, gay. Big shout out to Toyota though, who had a booth there, for the free Fan Jam Tickets! Even though BM, Kenz and I didn't go, it was cool to get free tickets when people are out there on the FB advertising that they spent their hard earned money on tickets. Booyah! After, we drove around Downtown LA to see and witness the sights and sounds that is Skid Row...and to make friends of course. My attempt to make a friend was unsuccessful. No one wanted to be friends unless we were offering some sort of psychedelic enlightenment :( . However, I did see a fellow AFI fan (he had an AFI shirt on), he probably would of been my friend, but before I could call him over to talk music taste, he got into his Skid Row mansion and zipped the door shut. I was soo excited to see another AFI fan, but then thought about it for a second and realized that a bum in an AFI shirt isn't necessarily a good thing.

Sat. was the usual, 3 hours of dance for Kenz while BM and I head over to do a little shopping for the Princess. GAP and Old Navy currently have my last paycheck, and MacKenzie has a better wardrobe than us. Sweet! Sat. night, we back to Downtown LA for Kenz's fav restaurant, Orochon, for some steaming ramen. It was GOOOOD! Then, since we were in the area, we went back to friendship lane to see more of the same... crack and potholes. Did a little more exploring into the world of a DTLA and found ourselves next to a raging pimps and HOs party. Orange suit, orange shoes and orange hat? No buddy, you don't stand out at all...ahhh I love this place.

Sunday, was pretty boring. Which is how we like to spend our Sundays. Recoup for Monday and a week of work.

Great weekend! Hope yours was good too!

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