Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weezy, be my friend? Please?

Can Lil' Wayne get any cooler? Geez, I wanna be his homie. I mean seriously? Look at this guy...he's doesn't give a FUCK! Has multiple face tattoos and drinks Codeine in his Hawaiian Punch. Pretty much anyone with a face tattoo is on top of the world, but MULTIPLE face tattoos?? Well, then, you are just the coolest. I'm not being sarcastic at all....

Anyways, enough of my hetero-love for Weezy.

Wayne was supposed to go to jail last week, but a fire broke out in the courtroom (happens all the time, right?) and delayed his sentencing and jail time. Too bad. He needs to get in there and serve his year 90 day sentence and get back to bringing me good music to listen to.

'100 Things To Do Before I Die'
#39.) Get a face tattoo

Last thing, Lil' Wayne was in this month's GQ magazine talking about how he is cooler than you and all. Read it after the jump.

Lil Wayne on being a “Martian”
[I’m] just out there, you know. Don’t like to think like everybody else, don’t like to try to think like everybody else, don’t like to do nothing everybody else think I’m gone do, don’t like to say nothing everybody else think I’m gone say.

I’m a Martian. I like to be different. And what’s more different than a Martian.

…on his favorite scary movies
The Sixth Sense. I went to school for psychology so I like all that crazy shit. Make you think. Make you pissed off. First time I saw it I was so pissed off. Like, Why the fuck I ain’t know this the whole time! I’m that type of dude. How you not know that! That’s why it’s my favorite movie. That and the one with the little girl. Hide and Seek. With Robert De Niro. And what’s that little girl name? Darcy? Dakota? Dakota Fanning.

I can’t watch Dakota Fanning. Something about her that bugs me.

That shit is amazing, though, man. You gotta watch it. They got this scene in Hide and Seek that we argue about to this day. Dakota Fanning has a twin, and don’t nobody ever notice that part. I’m like, dude, she has a twin, in the movie! A sick twin. That’s why the neighbors are so crazy about her! Because they are the parents of the sick twin! And she died! She was an orphan! I get goose bumps even thinking about it. Whoever thought of that is crazy.

…on what it would be like if he had his own planet
First of all, I already know, men would be able to marry however many women they want. School would not be optional. It would mandatory. Because I do not like unintelligent people; it’s a pet peeve. If you dumb, you not around me, so that says a lot about the people you see around me, because I hate dumb people. Other than that, did I mention the men would be able to marry, ain’t no limit on that. And you don’t have to do no ceremony to get married. You’d have to do something, but not the proper ceremony we go through today. I’ll think of some cool shit you’ll have to do. I do some realistic shit, so that night before you get married, you got that bachelor party, she got that bachelorette party, and that morning—don’t you feel different than next morning? Like, fuck, I don’t really know if I want to get married, man. Like, if you can go through it and make it to some certain spot the church or whatever that next day, you married. Because something made you go through it.

…on what music he’s currently listening to
I only listen to me. I’m not trying to be funny. I’m just analyzing. Critical. Seeing what I like what I don’t like. Say what I should have said. What I could say next time, what I should have said, things like that.

I’ve been playing the drum set. Pete Weiss. Pete Wentz. Whatever. That dude from Fall Out Boy? He gave me a bass guitar, so I’m playing bass on my new song. I been trying things. Electric guitar. I learned how to play “Shoot Me Down.” You can learn it, they show you how to do the chords.

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