Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome Welcome!

This is a little something different from your typical HTS post… This is a welcoming post.
We’re welcoming, well, ME! My name is Alexandra Elizabeth Spaulding aka Ging. I have 9 letters in all 3 of my names. Why is this important? Because I said so.

I’m determined to find a husband with a last name with 9 letters. I’m willing to take referrals/recommendations. Currently, I date a very nice Jewish boy, but too many damn letters in that damn last name.

On the average, I like douchey, cocky, TYPICAL L.A. guys! I AM PARTIAL TO JEWS. Don’t ask why. I don’t kiss and tell (unless of course, it’s a D-list celebrity that I find at a club). I’m 20 years old living WELL off of unemployment (and the help of Bobby and Neenee! Xoxo!) currently and intermediately taking on a couple of personal assistant BITCH jobs.

I am HeyThereSeth’s very lovely sister. Us, together, are a lethal combination…THAT, my soon-to-be friends, is JUST why we decided to try me out on the HTS-blog. I’ll probably blog about things I can’t afford, my tickets I frequently acquire in my Pri-Pri (Prius-NO, it has not been recalled, assholes), my crazy antics, and the silly things I find while traipsing through the suburbs of Los Angeles.

OH! And I’m a ginger!!! Proud of the ginginess in meeeee. You can call me Alex, Daya (as given by my beautiful niece, MacKenzie), Ging, or what most people refer to me as (my own mother included) and my personal favorite, BITCH.

I’m really not a bitch. Well, yes I am. I demand respect. And please don’t get on my bad side. It’s a warning. I’ve taken down quite a few in my day. B is for Bitchslap. So B nice.

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