Monday, March 29, 2010

Yelp: Swingers

This place blew! My food was cold and my daughter's 'Mickey Mouse Pancakes' looked more like Donald Duck. The only reason we decided to stop at this place is because there was no wait....which come to think of it, makes sense. We wanted to go to The Griddle Cafe, but that line was a block long going down Sunset. My wife almost bitch slapped the waitress she was so F*ing rude (makes tipping easy). I wish she would have bitch slapped my tuna melt out of my hand, that would have saved me from the digestive problems that I suffered from for the rest of the day.

The waitresses tried to dress provocative, but the waitresses were fat. So, they came across looking like cheap Hollywood Hookers. Ripped stockings and a too short dress when you are 5ft nothing and a buck fifty is def not a good thing. That and a bad attitude saves me money, which was the only positive note that I had at this dumphole!

If you want an attitude and bad food, try McDonalds.

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