Thursday, April 8, 2010

GTL! Persian Style!

While browsing the pages of The Persian Esque Magazine website, yes it's a daily read of mine, I came across this amazing story! MTV's Jersey Shore...PERSIAN STYLE! WTF?!? Hell yes!

Are you excited? Well, are you?!?! Eff yeah, you are! Being in Southern California, I am especially excited because here, in the great city of Persia, CA, where the douche level is high, the gold chains are a-swingin' and the hummus is a-flowin, the indinginious DB, also knows as the Mr. Silky-shirts are always strutin' their stuff. Cruisin down Ventura Blvd. in their Bimmers with a steady stream of $2.00 cologne followin' right behind them.

Casting call is for sure already booked solid with Glendalians who have taken the day off from tanning, waxing and selling cell phones.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a video to explain a little.

Yes, I know the video is about Armenians, but Persians...Armenians... same diff right? Both eat Kabob and Hummus.


  1. man your a dumb fuck if you think persians and armenians are the same


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