Friday, April 23, 2010

Jon Gosselin Fired his lawyer

Now, why would I care? Why would you care? Well, I don't, but I think it's funny as hell that he claims that he fired his lawyer because his lawyer is a douchebag. Your lawyer is a douche, Jon? Uhhh, yeah, you hired him. I love when douchebags call out other DBs. It's like Amy Winehouse breaking up with her husband for being a crackhead...Great! I wonder if Jon gets the same "high" that Amy does when he puts puts his Ed Hardy shirt on... "Ahhh, red douchiness! Feels soo good on my skin!" and then he drives down to the local watering hole to hit on ladies. "hey, babe wanna ride on this Korean bullet-train?". Which we all know is false, since every woman he's been with has said he's "swingin' like a tater-tot." Go Jon!

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  1. Maybe he didn't like what the lawyer said. Maybe he told him like it is. Or maybe he didn't pay the attorney bill and had to pay and therefore attorney is fired. Someone needs to give him some good advice as he is really out there a ways. Not being reasonable now.


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