Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, F**K YOU, Heather Locklear

This is bullshit!

Heather Locklear, plowed through a LA city street sign and leisurely drove off into the sunset, or maybe it was on Sunset. The Popos arrested her, let her go and is now dropping all charges. WTF!? A neighbor saw that bitch pull a nascar-evasive into the street sign, and then saw her speed off afterwards.

I just got a parking ticket (in Ging's car) for parking in front of the same "No Parking" sign that Miss Locklear plowed into. All I did was park in front of it. This dumb bitch drives over it, laughs and flips off the city of Los Angeles as she then peels out (leaving tread-marks is technically littering) to flee the scene of the crime. All she gets a slap on the wrist and some publicity for her hurtin' career. Next time I get a parking ticket I'm going to just run over the sign, burn it and then put my wrist out for the slapping. F*ing retarded.

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