Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some Unwelcomed Love for Locklear

E! News said: "Heather Locklear is in trouble again for not being a great driver. Police say she mowed down a 'no parking' sign in Westlake Village. They tracked the damage back to Locklear."

Now, We've heard Seth's opinion on this matter, but I have one VERY different opinion. I don't think those charges should've ever even been in QUESTION. I know how it is, Heath. THOSE SIGNS COME OUT FROM NOWHERE...and BOOM! it's just a sign! no one was hurttt! I've been known to cause some vehicular drama in my time. I, single-handedly, took out an ENTIRE McDonalds menu...and did some damage to two innocent drive-thru goers. ::BRAAAAAVO, GING:: and yes, I was sober. I just wanted a diet coke REALLY BAD. OH! and I totalled my car... That was musty #1. #2 followed shortly and also had an untimely death on the 101, but that's beside the point. POINTS ARE, times are changing for me in my Pri-Pri! We are accident-free and it's the way to be. And IF, by some chance, I have an accident, I pray it's just like heather's and I only take out a sign. I questioned Seth tonight on why she had to stop after this...POWER TO HEATHER! Now, get off probation, Girl!


This is just like the sign i took out... jewboyf and i may be making a trip to the REAL DEAL right now! if so, i'll upload an actual picture!

I wanna say thank you to SETH CAMERON and Valley Bob's for doing a great job of teaching me to drive!

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