Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tito hit Jenna. (Allegedly)

This is a picture of Tito Ortiz standing in front of his Huntington Beach mansion, right after he was accused of hitting ex-porn star and current baby mama, Jenna Jameson. When asked if the beat-down allegations were true...all he did was flex and grunt like a caveman.

Reporter: Tito, what happened between you and Jenna?

Tito: Grrrr.

Very articulate, Tito. I guess he was so sick of losing (two in a row), and he wanted to see what it was like to win a fight again. When I read the first reports, I thought for sure that he had punched her, or kicked her face, but it looks like he just grabbed the F**K out of her arm and ripped some ligaments. Yeah, you and me both are surprised that he didn't beat the hell out of her face since her face looks like it's been run over by a truck over and over again.

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