Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wakey Wakey Shakey Shakey

Easter, oh easter. Earthquake, oh earthquake!

The ones out there with kids... how do you explain the intrusion that is made by the Easter Bunny? Santa comes down the chimney... how can you expect your kids to believe that the bunny does as well?

I've explained to MacKenzie that the only way Mr. Bunny can get into our house is through up the toilet. Why aren't the toys and candy wet? Uh, yeah, MAGIC! Hellloooo!

So, this morning when Miss MacKenzie woke up from slumber, where did she check first for her goodies? Where else, but the downstairs restroom. What kind of father do you think I am? I'm not going to leave her basket of treats in the F*ing bathroom, that's just gross. Tricky tricky I am!

On a serious note, did anyone in the Southern California area feel the earthquake? LIAR! I truly believe that no one felt shit, but they wanted to act oh so dramatic in typical LA fashion and make a huge scene. I turned on the news and watched the same chandelier swing on repeat, as the newscaster explained how it was the effect of the Mezican earthquake. STFU! I took our chandelier and slammed it against the ceiling. Doesn't mean it was from the earthquake. Then they showed a newscaster in Inglewood interviewing a local who said "I heard shakin'" uhhh no shit there was an earthquake. It's like when the news crew is out in a rainstorm to report that it's wet outside. Thank you, Captain F*CKING Obvious!

Happy F*ing Easter!

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