Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, that was fun!

Wasn't that last post fun? Thank you, Ging for that insightful, funny and true post. It rhymes too! But more importantly, THANK YOU to all of our new readers, and followers for

A. Paying the bills, my google ad rate skyrocketed after that post

B. Giving me a few laughs at the ridigulousness of all of your posts.

C. Giving me an even bigger laugh at the stupidity of the "Tess Fans" out there.

I mean, really? You Tess-lovers all act like you have met her, know her or even live in the same state as her. Reality TV editing is a beautiful thing. It's like airburshing, it can make a wart look like a diamond studded face piercing. Something tells me that you all are the ones "obsessed" with Miss Tessy-poo. Not us. We just like to laugh at people. Make fun of's all in good fun. Say what you want, comment what you as much shit as you want about us, but in the end... it just gives Ging and I the chuckles.

Big shout out to Bailey, who not only posted her name, but posted a seductive picture of herself. Hey Baby, can I getcho numba'? You definitely have some uber self-confidence, because if I looked like that, I'd probably lock myself in a cage and/or do mean things to myself.

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