Friday, June 18, 2010

We Won!

Right after the Lakers won the National Championship, this poor LA local was walking his freshly bought groceries from his favorite Wal-Mart to his whup, and out of nowhere rioting Laker fans set his shopping cart on fire. This is getting out of control, Lakers win, so we set shit on fire?

FUCK YEAH we do!

If only I was there. #53 on my bucket list is to Riot the streets of LA... pillage and plundering throughout LA is my life set goal. What better way to celebrate the victory of our beloved LA Lakers than by jumping on the hood of an innocent bystanders car. Well, I can think of a better way... Set the muthafucka on fire!

To close this post, there is only one way...


Congrats to RonRon and the LA Lakers.

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