Monday, August 9, 2010


you might think that i am joking, but i am dead serious...if you do not vote for Robert on wednesday night, you will die. who is robert, you ask? oh, lemme tell you...he is from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN, before you start judging me (and my taste in tv...) let me explain something to you. this dude is UH-mazing. he can out-do the finest waltzers, the most effing ridiculous cha-cha-ERs and last week, he hiphop-ED the hell out of that stage. on top of all of that, he is amazingly nice and went to the same dance studio as the wonderful miss kenzie. so vote, make my little mama proud of her robert and don't die...cuz if you don't vote, it'll kill ya!

p.s. kent and lauren (the other 2 contestants) just called know what they said?! they said to vote for robert. cuz he's the MAN!

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