Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin weekend

Amanda, Kenz and I went out to LA for the day, Saturday. We started our day with giant bowls of Ramen, then set out to find some pumpkins for end of the month holiday. Amanda, on her trusty blackberry, googled 'best pumpkin patch in Los Angeles' and Mr. Bones Pumkin Patch was at the top of the list. A hop, skip and a jump down Santa Monica Blvd. right into the FABULOUS West Hollywoood, and we found it! Rides, petting zoo and most importantly PUMPKINS! Tiny, big, small they had them all. Even more importantly, they had some sort of picnic area for the paps! Which meant one thing...that there were celebrities to be spotted! We waited and searched, but we didn't see any celebs. Not sure who Amanda was hoping for, but I know that Gwen Stefani and her what's his name of a hubby, have been known to pick out their winter squash there. I was hoping...but no one worth snapping a picture of was there. There were however plenty of DBs there who would like you to think they were worthy of getting their pictures snapped by a pap.

We did get raped on the pumpkins though. $50 a pop, you would have thought the pumpkins carved themselves...(they didn't.) I'll post pics of the outcome of the $50 jack-o-lanterns when I finally carve them on the 30th.

Happy October!

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