Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swimmin' wit da fishies

I suck, and should have posted this two weeks ago but....

My wife had a business trip a couple of weeks ago, and Kenz and I tagged along with her, her two bosses and a boss' wife. Had a blast! One of the things on my bucket list was, well, now that I take a re-peek at my list of things to do before I die a la The Buried Life, was to swim with a Great White shark. Well, these weren't exactly Great Whites, but I got the shark part right. We had a killer time, although there was no killing, or being eaten. We left with all of our limbs.

I might have to keep the 'Swim with a Great White shark' on my list.

I really recommend North Shore Shark Tours, they were cool, knowledgeable and really into sharks. I was expecting the fisherman in the movie jaws...missing teeth, scruffy voice and hands of leather. Instead we got a guy named Tiiimmay! Here's a quick, horribly video'd clip of Amanda's bosses and I swimmin' in the shark cage.

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  1. Seth -- i'd say you can cross it off. after watching this video--you swam with em. --Nick


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