Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa came early!

But I was put through hell first....

What a story that goes along with this present from Amanda and I to, well, Amanda and I.

So, we've been planning on getting a new camera for Christmas this year. I did some research on the best possible price on the Canon eos-7d DSLR camera that we really wanted. This thing is suh-weet! I love this thing! Anyways...

So, I found it for a ridiculously low price online at and despite the warnings of others at work. They said "I wouldn't buy it there, it looks like a shady website" I couldn't get a way from the HUGE $$$ savings. I figured, hey, I'll put it on our AMEX and if something is wrong, we'll let AMEX handle it. This was with no intention of actually having to have AMEX even get into this. I just assumed that the camera would come, I'd save some dough, and Amanda and I would be happy and get some uhmazing pictures this Christmas.

HOLY F**K! Wow, was I wrong. Definitely true about the whole "too good to be true" thing. From the beginning this situation was just bad. OMG where do I start?

So, I placed the order online and I because I was saving a so much money, and because I didn't have to pay tax, since the company was in NY, I splurged on the overnight shipping so that we would have it on Tuesday (Dec. 21st). The shipping was listed as $40 which seemed fine.

I checked our AMEX later in the day and we were charged $100 for the shipping. The place was closed by then so I had to wait until the next day. I emailed them and they replied with "the order # you referenced is not valid". Awww F**K! It get's better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. I then notice in the smallest print at the bottom that the camera listing, that it is an IMPORT MODEL, which means it's a real, and same as you would buy at your local camera dealer, but has NO warranty. So, if something goes wrong with the camera....I'm screwed. So, I call to try and cancel, or get an explanation of WTF is going on here, along with the $100 charges, and they tell me "oh, well, the camera has been shipped. There is nothing that can be done".

THEN...I get the UPS tracking and it was shipped 3-Day Select, not overnight. Whatever, I've still saved like $300 on this thing and at this point...just give me my camera. So, I had my brother stay at my house to sign for the camera yesterday, but turns out...there was an exception on the delivery. I call UPS and it seems that there was liquid/chemicals leaking out of the package, containing my camera.

At that point, I told my wife to call AMEX put in a charge dispute, put the funds on hold. UPS, to prevent damage to America's other presents and goodies, repackaged my pissing box and is now out for delivery today, which I am eagerly waiting to REFUSE.

Wow, what a week. Yesterday afternoon, I told Amanda to just go to Best Buy, pay full-price, and get the camera that we want. She brought it home, with the full warranty, and we are now happily shooting the hell out of it. Thing is just great. $$ well spent.

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