Friday, January 7, 2011

It's January

Happy Muthafuckin' New Year to everyone!

January seems to be a time for resolutions and reinventions. A time for growth and a time for letdown (by the end of the month). we see huge rushes to gyms, then by the end of the month, empty. 

Fuck that shit! Why build yourself up for letdown? I'm starting my year off right, eating a ton, working out a big fat 0. That's my resolution, or anti-resolution. I make a resolution every year, and like most, have kept none. I'm so bad at that, no will power at all, but is that a bad thing? Maybe I'll be better at keeping my anit-resolution. 

Oh, and Jersey Shore started up again, how great? I love every part of that show! Well, except Sami, that chicky is a HUGE...well she was already called it on the show. I'll refrain. You didn't watch it? WTF!? Well, it's cool, but we for sure can not be friends. At the top left (or right, if you are a square) corner of your browser, there is an X. Click it. 

I told you, we can't be friends....

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