Monday, December 5, 2011

Homosexuals can raise a child.

Watch this video, in it's entirety. I've watched it over a dozen times while sharing it with friends, family and coworkers.

How retarded is it that same-sex marriages are legal, still, in the state of Iowa, but in the supposedly liberal, and free thinking state of California we continue to not only discriminate, but put discrimination into our state constitution?

This video needs to be shown to everyone, it's touching. It's a first-hand look at someone who was raised by a gay couple, and not only is he a heterosexual man, but he was raised to be an upstanding human being.

Same-sex marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage? No, the morons in the Kardashian Krew that were paid 18million dollars to get married only to get divorced 72 days later is ruining the sanctity of marriage. The a**holes that are on the 3rd and 4th marriage is ruining the sanctity of marriage. The neighbor, uncle and parents who are on their 2nd marriage are ruining the sanctity of marriage. Because do you remember the words that are said at the end of a wedding ceremony? Til death do us part? Yeah, that goes out the window, along that that sanctity of marriage that the majority of California hold so high.

It infuriates me that this 19yr old man needs to get up, out of bed and take out time in his day to go and defend his family and happily married parents. See how I didn't need to specify whether or not he came to defend his homosexual family and married homosexual parents? That's because it doesnt matter.

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